Subsea Cables & Pipelines Installation


Mardive is a company well placed to provide specialized assistance in the subsea cable industry focused in installation, maintenance and repair services for power, telecommunication cables and flexible pipelines.

Mardive Personnel has extensive experience and proven working experience in many Submarine Cable Projects. Combined with our owned cable handling equipment, diving assets and work boats subject to the Client and project requirements we can guarantee safe, efficient and cost effective solutions.


Our range of services includes:

  • Land fall pull in operations
  • Direct shore end & HDD pull in operations
  • Near shore works, Post-Lay Burial services
  • Remedial work and post burial activity
  • Cast iron shells, anchor pinning and clamps installations.
  • Repair and maintenance of submarine links
  • Near Shore Route Dive Survey up to 50 mwd

Please, do not hesitate to contact us,

to discuss your potential/existing Project requirements, or to forward your SOW (Scope of Work).

Our committed Mardive expert Team will provide you with a detailed package of Cost Analysis,detailed Project Scheduling, most Effective Project solution to tackle the task at hand.


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