Civil Marine Works

Mardive is well placed to undertake numerous civil constructions from the preliminary stages to implementation and the completion of the project, including:

  • Harbors and Docks construction for private and governmental clients.
  • Our capabilities and experience include turnkey solutions that involve design, environmental impact studies, equipment and construction of Commercial & Passenger Harbors and Marinas.
  • Dredging operations carried out with a special high volume dredging pumps, with the purpose of gathering up bottom sediments and disposing of them at a different location to keep waterways navigable as well as deepening marinas. It is also used as a way to replenish sand on some private and public beaches, where sand has been lost because of coastal erosion.
  • Geotubes installations, submerged tubes filled with a non cohesive soil such as sand by using a dredging pump that gives solution to control of abrasion and erosion due to sea waves.


Beach nourishment is a soft alternative to hard coastal defenses and protects against erosion by dissipating the wave energy. Moreover, it creates an environment for developing tourism and related services. It is executed with natural elements and allows for a dynamic approach by working with the nature. Beach nourishment restores the natural order and strengthens age-old natural processes.

Operations take often into account some environmental constraints, such as the breeding season.


Anchors & Mooring

Periodic Surveys, Inspections & Maintenance, which include:

Installation, Recovery, Measurement of Mooring Chains and Angles, Inspection of Mooring Chains, Mooring / De Mooring Assistance.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us,

to discuss your potential/existing Project requirements, or to forward your SOW (Scope of Work).

Our committed Mardive expert Team will provide you with a detailed package of Cost Analysis,detailed Project Scheduling, most Effective Project solution to tackle the task at hand.


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