MARDIVE has the ability to support operations on a global basis. In order to achieve this, our Company owns and operates modular diving systems. We carry out our Commissions with fully equipped, 20 foot shipping containerised units consisting of; Surface supplied diving systems and a full range of underwater tools, this enables us to undertake sub sea construction activities, inspections, maintenance and support of inshore and offshore projects.

All systems are portable, ready to be mobilised around the world at short notice and can easily be installed and operated on diving support vessels, utility or tag boats, platforms and work barges.

Depending upon the work location, we can access job sites with 4X4 road transportable diving units.

Our equipment is designed, assembled, certified and operated in accordance with International Guidelines and Codes of Practice for offshore diving operations.

Hydraulic unit, hoses reel and Stanley hydraulic UW tools

Breaker, Hammer Drill, Impact Wrench, Grinder.


Lift Bags

Subsalve large selection of open bottom Parachute and enclosed lift bags are available in a wide ranging scale of lifting capacity, from 1000 lbs / 500 kg up to 20000.00 lbs / 10 tons

MARDIVE equipment list contains:


Portable self contained, surface supplied air diving unit. Including:

  • LP Quincy Compressor & HP Bauer Compressor
  • 2 Diver HP-LP Air control panel, 2 Diver Radio,
  • Divers Umbilical, Kirby Morgan Helmets & Band masks

Optional construction support equipment

Broco underwater welding and cutting torch.

Air lift, Water lift, Water jetting, Large flow capacity pumps.

Submersible dewatering pumps, Dredging pumps, Electrical power generators, HP pressure washers.

Torque and tension systems.


Inspection Equipment

UW CCTV, High Definition UW Video & Photo Cameras, Cygnus NDT Equipment.


 Depending on the level of customer demand, our company has acquired agreements with a number of well known offshore rental equipment companies, to cover any work requirements, such as mix gas diving systems, inspection or work class ROVs, specialised inspection and maintenance equipment.


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